Kenya is an incredibly diverse country in East Africa, with an Indian Ocean coastline. Comprising beautiful landscapes (including savannah; lakes; the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands); diverse cultures; an abundance of wildlife (home to animals such as lion, elephant and rhino); white sandy beaches and excellent weather year-round, this magnificent country offers unique travel opportunities at every turn.

In Kenya, the relatively close proximity to several attractions coupled with a good infrastructure makes it possible to explore extensively, even in a limited time frame. Visit tropical forests; relax on beautiful beaches; explore a Maasai village, and meet these fascinating people; or climb a mountain’s slopes to its summit.

Visit the famous Maasai Mara Reserve (known for its annual wildebeest migration) or the Amboseli National Park to view the “Roof of Africa” (the unforgettable sight of the 5,895m high Mount Kilimanjaro, with its snowy cap).

A Kenyan safari is the best of both worlds, marrying adventure with relaxation; luxury with natural simplicity; socialising with solitude.