Journey to a place where the East African savannah meets the West African jungle, and you’ll come upon Uganda – a place of astonishing beauty, with an abundance of wildlife and enchanting people and cultures.

Uganda is a lush tropical haven with countless lakes, rivers, waterfalls and wetlands.

Mountains form the western border – the Virunga volcanoes and the legendary and mysterious Rwenzori Mountains, known as the “Mountains of the Moon”.

Good infrastructure and a decent road network allow for relatively simple travel within the country. A single day can take you from the equatorial mountain forest; through the rolling hills of tea and banana plantations; to the shores of Africa’s inland sea with its islands and endless horizon.

Explore the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which include the Nyero rock paintings, Kasubi tombs andthe earlysettlers of Karamoja. Journeyto Mount Elgon, theworld’s largest free-standing volcanic mountain; or summit the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park’s surrounding volcanoes while tracking endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys in their natural habitat.

The “Pearl of Africa” has national parks whose Rift Valley landscapes and tropical forests make for dramatic backdrops to an extensive variety of flora and fauna.

The country is home to Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the world (which is the source of the second largest river in the world; The Nile).

The island Ngamba is remarkable, because it is one of only two African island sanctuaries for Chimpanzees (the other being Tanzania’s Rubondo island).

Uganda is unrivalled on the continent as a bird watchers’ paradise, with over 1,000 species – several of which are not found anywhere else on the planet. It is also home to 13 types of primates, including over half of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas; and man’s closest relative, the chimpanzee.

Uganda’s lush waterfalls, hot springs, forests and national parks offer a magnificent experience of nature and wildlife. But what remains one of the country’s greatest assets is its people: always warm, hospitable and friendly with diverse and fascinating cultures.